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Web & Internet Consulting Services FAQ

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General Questions

Why do I need a website?

With the popularity of Smart Phones you need one now more than ever. A website is like a fancy business card and a yellow pages directory all rolled into one. People can find you just by searching your name these days if you have a presense on the web .

Ever wonder why you need SEO? What is it actually?

By now you have probably figured out is it Search Engine Optimzation. It adding key phrases, titles, descriptions and code that search engines can find. For them to find you it's important to have the right information behind the visible web page itself and in the words you use.

Which website system or software is best?

They all serve a purpose from HTML to WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal, to the GoDaddy Web Builder. Before you spend a lot of your time or your money building a website it is smart to consult with someone, like Sheree Lincoln, who is willing to help you figure out which type of website will work best for your project.

What can Google Business Places do for me? What is it anyway?

The first important thing it wil do is help your website get ranked higher and sooner. It's not just GMAIL. In fact you don't have to have a gmail account to register with Google you can use your current email address. Google lets you register your business in their Internet Directory through Google Business Places which feeds Google Maps. It will help people find you, let you add photos, make sure our location is showing on the right side of the road and so much more. You can list your hours, change the days you are open and link to your website.

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Technical Questions

What does the HTML code behind the websites look like?

<h1>This is a Title</h1> This is a link to a website<a href=http://www.yourwebsite.com<www.yourwebsite.com</a>

Why do we need HTML Coding ?

It is the HTML coding that allows website creation by uploading a text file, to the Internet, that contains the code.The HTML or Hypertext Markup Language, is what seperates the normal text from the HTMl code. The hyperlinks are what let you navigate around the internet.

Do you need to learn HTML to build your own website?

No, there are content management systems like WordPress and website builders to do the coding for you. It is helpful to know some basic code or at least to understand that it exists behind the scenes. Web Designers and Web Developers work in the code to change colorsa, layouts and so much more.

Working With Sheree
@ BrassWind Designs

Are you wondering if working with Sheree Lincoln is the right choice for your project?

If you have visited her Portfolio Page, read About BrassWind Designs and looked at pricing, you should have a good idea of the flexibility, designs and technical abilities she brings to a project. Still want more reasons? Give her a call at 231-670-4181.sheree lincoln - image

So you think Websites look like you just copy and paste?

That can be true. If you just want a basic website template to start withyou can use GoDaddy's WebSite Builder for as low as $5.99 aa month. Just set up an account through SailAwayHosting.com, license a domain, and sign up for the WebSite Builder. Need help? Sheree will still help you get it started.

Can I really get a free website consultation with Sheree?

Yes! It's not a trick. There is no big sales pitch, just straight talk with honest opinions and sincere advice. Why? Because, to Sheree, thinking creatively is like a really good endorphin rush from eating good chocolate! Send a request for your free web consultion - click here.