Choose your Web Consulting Packages & Pricing

For a Premium Turn-Key Website, a Basic Website, SEO Search Engine Site Optimization, Domain & Web Hosting, Monthly Consulting or Training, with Hourly Consulting & Training Available.

Premium & Ultimate
WEBSITE packages

$999.00 to $2999.00

one time fee
  • Complete Web Site Service & Hosting Set Up
  • Up to 7 to 10 Pages, Additional Pages Based on Package
  • SEO - Search Engine Site Optimization
  • Add Content, Key Phrases
  • Embed Videos, Add Widgets, Plugins
  • Hosting Packages start at $6.99 per Month or $83.88 Annually
  • Google, Yahoo & Bing Registration
  • Basic to Advanced Training, Instructional Videos & PDF's
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Consulting Package


Pick a Month or Set Weeks
Larger Packages Available
  • Project Review - 2 Hours
  • 4 Phone Calls - 20 Minutes Each
  • Creative Counseling Coaching
  • IT Work - Technical Counseling
  • Training, Videos & PDF's

Online Services Package


Pick a Month or Set Weeks
Larger Packages Available
  • Web Research
  • Shop Online For You
  • Install Smart Phone or iPad Aps
  • Social Media Set up
  • Manage Social Media Posts

A few questions about our pricing packages

Website Design, Hosting & Domains, Branding, Consulting, Training, Research

Are you great with customers and not great with your web presence?

You have built your business and are a successful entrepreneur. Ongoing success requires a steady income or income growth. A responsive, well designed website is a cost effective way to ensure your success story.

Do you know what you want to say about your business but find computer technology difficult or time consuming ?

Web Designer and Marketing Guru Sheree Lincoln can help you paint your business in the best light on the World Wide Web. She is an artist at sharing your story.

Remember when storytelling could get you in trouble ?

That old adage is not true with selling your services or products on the Web. It's all about your story, kind of like the hit song It's All About The Bass. The basis of your success is based on successful branding which is created through storytelling.

Have you been wondering what all the talk is about starting a blog or blogging?

A blog she says? Sounds kind of like a drain clog? Well its an online journal or news feed; another way to tell your story through news, updates and articles!

Prefer to have your entire website managed by someone else or do you sometimes think you would like to edit your own website, add news, pictures and information ?

BrassWind Designs can do it all as a turn key website or our basic website package gets your site up and running with enough content to establish or increase your presence on the internet. We provide you will the training tools you need to be successful with managing your website's content through booklets and papers in pdf format for print or online viewing and training videos. We also include hands on training with you at your computer, mouse in hand, which is the best way to learn.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can't fit it all in or your brain quits working?

Either way, BrassWind Designs can help, we are available for consulting and to do your updates on an ongoing basis or an occasional basis.

Have you been asked what your website address, domain or URL is ?

Sheree can help you register a domain (website address or URL) and set up a hosting plan for your web pages through her hosting company, SailAway Hosting, which offers all of Go Daddy's services and their fabulous 24 hour support.

Are people telling you they cannot find your website ? OMG!

Sheree Lincoln has successful formula to help your website get found for a one time fee with annual reviews available as needed. Please call us before you spend $300 to $600 a month with one of those SEO services that keep emailing you!